The Amacon Cover
Gale risks his life to rescue her, and they begin a harrowing journey through both
corporate and governmental espionage and intelligence channels.  As informants
and key players are eliminated one by one by a deadly assassin, Gale must find
out what is being hidden behind the facade of the mysterious Amacon Corporation
before he and Dominique are the next victims.

From his years of experience as a Corporate Espionage and Counter-espionage
spy, Klausman taps into an actual case file, and delivers a tale of intrigue and
suspense that is chilling in its plausability!
The Amacon Cover
Registered with Writers Guild of America West (WGAw) Hollywood, CA
Registration Number 1092058 - Copyright 2004
The Amacon Cover     
Published by American Book Publishing
ISBN   1-58982-266-8
When the Bortons Corporation transport jet crashes
into deep Atlantic waters, carrying a top-secret
defense system bound for the Middle East, the FAA
blames pilot error, and the crews' families sue
Bortens.   Sensing something is not right, Bortens
hires William Gale, a corporate spy and
counter-intelligence specialist.  After a simple court
case, the lead witness, the beautiful and mysterious
Dominique, is kidnapped.
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Amacon Cover - Espionage - Business Intelligence