Only recently have friends, to whom I have divulged my secret life in Corporate
Espionage, started asking for the rundown.  As much as I enjoy telling my stories,
I'm concerned that each retelling might be a bit more glamorous than the last.  
Without referring to a case file, or before opening my mouth, it's possible.

To hold onto the memories as they happened, years ago I actually decided to put
them in writing, and maybe even consider writing a book.  Sounded easy
enough, but when I sat down at my computer, the thought hit

Actually it turned out easier than I thought.  I grabbed a file, opened it, read it, and
instantly I was back on the case.  All the espionage details were amazingly clear,
including the most important one--how I established a workable cover.  (Actually
use a layered counterattack--through a friend of a friend of a friend of someone I
conned into thinking I was there for reasons other than the real ones.)

As I began my first counter-espionage manuscript in 1991, the stories simply
rolled onto the pages.  My true characters came alive, the locations were vivid,
and the action was authentic.  After making the rounds for a few years, my agent
presented me with a contract from a Hollywood producer to turn my book into a
Movie of the Week with a back-up espionage Television Series.

But as the deal unfolded, the fine print read that my name would not appear in the
screen credits.  Since credits are the determiners of royalties paid to the artists
listed, and since the producer had his own writing staff, essentially the contract
wrote me out of the script, except for a small fee to be determined by the union,
the Writers Guild of America.  The deal fell apart.

Finally after 13 years, I was fortunate to be accepted by American Book
Publishing, who is now publishing my first work,
The Amacon Cover. I hope you
find my website interesting and entertaining to the degree that you'll be standing
in a humongous line to buy my first book.

The Amacon Cover is suggested reading for an American  intelligence
university, and is now available at and other on-line stores.  But
beware. . .you may see a counterfeit copy selling for a penny. . .yep, a penny.  
William Klausman
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