Bill, a former member of the New Christy
Minstrels, founded the River City Ramblers in
1960.  He started performing at age 6 on the
accordion.  After learning that a mistake on
accordion sounded terrible but a mistake on a
guitar was rock-and-roll, he switched to string
instruments as fast as he could.

He sang with the Portland Choirboys, Portland
Junior Symphonic Choir, Portland Symphonic
Choir, the Seattle Philharmonic Choir, Portland
State University's Choir, PSU's Madrigal
Singers and PSU's Singing Vikes, with whom he
toured with the USO.

He was a member of the Tremolos who recorded
his first composition, Just Wanderin, for RCA
in 1959; The Meistersingers; 1958 Garage
Band; The Westwinds and, of course, the New
Christy Minstrels.   He also performed solo gigs
in the folk digs of Portland, San Francisco, New
London, New York and Hartford.
Dave has played in musical theater
productions for several years before moving on
to nightclub work. The duo of Blackburn and
Duthie--piano and bass-- has been performing
since 1984, and is still going strong. He was the
bassist and vocalist in the Gypsy-Jazz
ensemble, Everything's Jake, in addition to
playing Tuba and String Bass with the Jim
Beatty Jazz Band for many years.

Recently, Dave has been playing with the
Milneburg Jazz Band, the Columbia Classic
Jazz Band, the Calamity Jazz Band, and the
John Bennett Dance Band. He also performed
as the bassist in the ship's band aboard the
cruise ship Queen of the West

Dave is an avid car collector and past president
of every car club in Portland.
Kevin started playing guitar as a child and has
never had the sense to stop.  He has played gigs in
Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho,
Montana, Nevada and as far away as Toronto.

Working in venues ranging from the multi
million dollar resort hotels to blue-collar bars to
cruise ships and everything in between, Kevin has
maintained a level of income sufficient enough to
keep him from living in a van down by the river. His
legendary performances have made him a perennial
favorite at the local School For The Deaf.  Besides
that, he's one of the best guitarists in the Country.

He has performed many styles of music with a wide
variety of groups and also performs as a solo act.
One comment that is often heard at his shows is,
"Kevin has a great face for radio." Highlights for
him include performing with the Tacoma Symphony
Orchestra and with Stevie Wonder.
Bill Klausman
Kevin Neil
Dave Duthie
Back in 1956 before Folk Music hit the airwaves, I and my guitar learned and
performed a bunch of Calypso and Sea Chanties at local Portland High Schools
and any place whose ear drums could stand my stuff.   A couple of years later,
while at Portland State College, Gary Evans, Jeff Hempe  and I formed
, a trio that pretty much echoed the sounds of the Kingston Trio.  We
performed 3 nights a week at Turks Broiler in Portland, and for fraternities at
several universities in Oregon.  Then two of us headed for San Francisco to play
at the Hungry I, but they'd closed their doors because they knew we were
coming.. In 1960, Gary, Jeff and I were too busy trying to make the Dean's List to
keep the group going.  I teamed up with Ron Parno, Glen Berry, Grant Haas, and
became the
River City Ramblers.  Our new Trio (Dave, Kevin and me) is ready to
expand our performance base.   We're pretty darned good!!
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